Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Long silence!

Well I haven't been blogging but now I will again. Gil has gone to Seattle and it may interest her to read my blogs instead of our usual daily emails. What a blessing we have with technology!

Today I learnt that God's people does God's work with humility & avoids self congratulations! What a breath of fresh in this day of self agrandisement!

Thank you Father God for this precious lesson ... thank you for allowing me to serve You, the great King of Kings!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Visit to the Dover Park Hospice

This afternoon I visited an ex-colleague at Dover Park Hospice & it's my first time to a place like this. Physically, the place is well kept and very neat & clean. Emotionally this must be a very difficult place for those whose loved ones are there.

My ex-colleague is dying of throat cancer. He is in semi coma.

There I met another ex-colleague & inevitably our conversation turned to how we want to go if we had the choice. Of course we have no choice in such matters. But do we know where we are going? Yes I do. My ex-colleague do not believe in God and prefers not to talk about this topic. People who don't know the Lord do not see physical death as the gateway to heaven. They don't know where they are going & prefers to avoid thinking about it. Hopefully, this afternoon's conversation set him thinking. Lord, have mercy on him!

Is this how old age feels?

The title of this blog is taken from one line of Auntie Mich's blog. She's talking of her frozen elbow, due to healing of an injury......

Well, I have more reasons to ask this of myself. Perhaps its the big milestone that I have just crossed that makes me more conscious of every little ache & pain. But no, I am not giving up. What one cannot do physically, one can still do mentally, like this blog for example. Who cares if everyone thinks I'm a wannabe!

And who of you guys surf the Chinese web? I've found a few neat sites & they are fun!

Also, does anyone make Shanghainese 粽子? I just learnt from that little old lady when we were in 朱家角near上海 two years ago. See old age does not have to feel "old". Just keep our minds young.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Will this work? Let's see.

From one tech bimbo to another

Done! Solved! Fixed!

Have a nice vacation in Dalian!

Love, Auntymich


All my bags are packed & I'm ready to go ..... as the oldie song go. Yes, Danny & I are going away for a short break with my Mom to China. First we are going to my Dad's kampong (xiang xia) in Fujian and then we are going to visit 2 reportedly up & coming cities, Xiamen & Dalian. The weather forecast says it's going to be raining in the south and in the north, under 10 degrees C.
Please be good to Auntie Serena, you gals! See ya!

Trying again

The Lord sent an angel to help me straighten up my Blog & hooray! here am I blogging. Sorry, for being silent, to those who tried looking for me!The past weeks have been extra "busy" doing daily visits to the hospital to see Mom (Uncle Danny's mother). She suffered a stroke on 7 April and has been hospitalised since. Her ward is filled with people with similar diabilities but not all are her age. Stroke does strike even younger people.These visits have set me thinking - I will get there one day too. I will also not be able to feed myself & be depleted of the energy needed to do the daily mundane chores like showering, dressing oneself etc. Lord, You would have to prepare me for that day! Mercy!May 2006 must be an exception month with 3 public holildays - 1 May, 6 May & 12 May coming up. What luxury not having to rush to work or chores for 3 days of the month!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What if it does work again?

Here's testing of my patience, knowing that I'm not techie enough so it's trial & error on what works & what does not. Help!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A New Beginning

Inspired by Michelle, here am I with my own brand new blog! Not difficult at all. So girls you said you want to read my blog, here it is.

Always thought I will have nothing to say but if this help the One Community to build community and only for this audience I guess I will always have some thing to share.

Today in my reply to one of my thoughtful girls who text me to ask me on Sunday night how was Gillian's recital, I told her how beautiful Gillian was last Sunday night in her black outfit for the performance but I know that Gillian will want to be beautiful on the inside rather than on the outside. Does it make sense that God will want us to be beautiful for Him?

Have I been beautiful for God today? I had some good positive conversation with my colleagues. I was also forthright with my supervisor who talked about me to my big boss "behind" my back & upon finding out I heard that it was not him who wanted to talk to the boss but he was asked by the boss to go talk to him before I came along for the Performance Review. Lord how else can I be beautiful for you everyday?